Friday, May 20, 2011

broken pieces of her heart~

broken pieces of my heart </3

i don't think you will be mine matter  how much i cry for you,love you or even wait for you~

i can't accept the fact although its true~...
i feel so depressed after you told me about it~....
whenever i think of you and her,i started to get jealous,sad and disappointed at you~...i just can't let you go~....there is too much sweet memories between you and me.....anyway,
don't blame yourself ...this is what you have have your own reasons....reasons that is for my own good .....i understand (;...i won't blame you~....
but from here, i'm afraid of being in a relationship....i'm afraid of getting hurt.....
i'm afraid of losing someone i love....i don't wanna cry anymore~...

if your reading this post,.....
i wish that you and 'her' will have a long and lasting relationship....
i'll try my best to let go if i can so you can live better with her...

Friday, April 22, 2011

A friend that i wouldn't forget ♥

Once upon a time,i met this pretty girl.. ♥
We started to be closed friends since primary 6 till now....and this friendship will never end

She's a good friend of mine (:  cute right? (:

This is how she look while she tie up her hair (: 
aww  she's so adorable (:

 Name : Alice Ting

Age: 14 years old

We have known each other for 2 years and 4 months ....although it sounds like its not so long ....but we have 
been very good friends (:.....i admired her a lot because she is willing to get herself canned by teacher just to accompany us being canned .....besides that,she always help us whenever we have problems....she gave us courage to stand up and think positively....she always remind us to drink water and take care of ourself....she cares about us more than herself..and lots more...all the funs,sadness,laughters and everything has become a sweet memories 


Our Shoes!♥heee!

This post is specially dedicated to :ALICE TING SEA QIN 

Monday, February 7, 2011

i accidentally hug a malay teacher [woman] :s ♥

What a day -.-....        
    i walk out from the ''Kooperasi'' door with my friends without looking , i almost fall down and accidentally i hugged someone :x...My heart almost popped out :s      
i thought it was a guy but luckily it isn't was a Malay teacher...her eyes open so wide like this >>O.O....<<
and i was like this '' :s''    oppps...i keep saying sorry to her and she was still looking at me with her eyes wide open...she seemed so shocked ...some of the students saw it too-.-....and i quickly ran away with my friends and laughed loudly :D..heeehees! :D 

Thursday, February 3, 2011

My CNY isn't fun!...♥

i damn envy those who are having their CNY with their family and relatives in Miri lur~.....
i'm DAMN bored in KL now!
i have no relatives and friends at all!...
Although i'm celebrating my CNY here but its as though im not celebrating it...
waste of money!...go here also seldom go shopping....
i spent my CNY sleeping, eating and watching movies~...
SO BORING!...not many texted me too~..arghh
it feels like im growing fungus at cool is it -.-..tsk tsk tsk! D:

Anyway,Happy Chinese New Year,Readers! ♥ 

bye peeps! ♥ 

She's Desperate To Go Back Miri Now! ♥

Looking at my friends FB status saying that they are playing firecrackers and  having reunion dinner with 
their families and relatives makes me feel ''suber uber'' envy....i wanna go back Miri now!!!i'm desperate for it now!i wanna 
have my CNY celebration and also my birthday at Miri!....damn sad...not happy at all....i'm so grumpy now~~arghhh....i'm bored....damn bored...I MISS MIRI DAMN MUCH!...i want go house visiting~
i wanna visit my friends and relatives ><...i wanna get ''ang pau'' :D.....i wish i can fly back to Miri~..i hope that next year i'll be having my CNY at Miri~ 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

hmmph... ♥

        For this few days,i have been waiting and waiting for this day to come.....but i was wrong......i shouldn't be happy and excited...i feel hurt.....but,never mind....maybe i should just ignore it....i don't give a care anymore...
hehees :)...I .wanna enjoy my life to the Max :D ♥  

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Today ♥

I spend most of my days in KL eating and shopping :D woots :D....hehees...eventually,im broke now...damn sad lur...
can't even buy clothes now~...when i pass by shops,my eyes can't stop looking at the clothes ><...aww...its too attractive :p....sales everywhere and i'm so broke now.... how could this kinda condition happen to me!arghh..
branded stuffs are on sales too~Aiyaa,everywhere got sales also :D..hahah!
sale also no use im broke dy D:~
Just now in the afternoon, my sister boyfriend drove us to IKEA with my sister,parents and me.Enjoying my lunch there ♥ hehees :D....then we went for parents go dating so i don't want follow them i follow 
my sister and her boyfriend...i'm like a light bulb to them but whatever :D....while walking,i went into an outlet,i started to look for clothes...trying all the clothes without realizing that i'm broke....sheesh!.......when i'm done trying the clothes then,i have just realize how broke am i now...taking out my cellphone calling my mummy and wishing that she will buy the clothes for me....but she said this to me ''Hey,girl ah,tell Sharon[my sister] to give me the parking ticket dy...we need to go home lw...''i 've wanted to tell her but never time then~....when we wanna go home,we kinda forget where we parked our car :s....then we start to searched for our car from Level 1-2....i was damn exhausted and the car park was too hot and wide plus there are so many cars~ Finally my sister boyfriend found the car :D...''at last''i said and i went in the car and sleep like a pig :D The End :D hahah!  ♥

Sunday, January 30, 2011


Appreciate what you have now~Appreciate every single moments with your loves ones....We will never know what will happen next because we can't predict but just accept the truth... what is done its done..... it can't be change anymore....just accept the truth bravely....just be strong so that you may overcome every single unwanted feelings.....if they have ever hurt your feelings...let it go....learn to forgive although they didn't treat you least you may go on with a peaceful life :))

i wanna learn to let go my hatred feelings and live with a peaceful life ♥ 
hehees :D

Saturday, January 29, 2011

i wonder♥.....

        i wonder why...
i wonder why humans have feelings......why don't  humans doesn't have any feelings?....will it be great?....there 
is good and bad points for having and not having feelings.....
if humans doesn't have any feelings,when they are hurt,they wont feel anything....not even a single feeling they can feel...their feelings are just like a stone...
they wont be sad and hurt~.....

but, there is also good points for having feelings.....

if humans have feelings,they know what happiness feels like...they can also feel what is the feeling of being loved and cared....they can sense it through the person caring and loving for them...

i just wish when i'm hurt,i don't want to have any feelings~
but when i want happiness i want my feelings back~

[sorry my english isn't that strong hope you guys won't mind]

my heart is like a don't break  it because it can't be stick back together into the same shape....there will be holes....deep holes that you can't even repair   ...its so fragile take care of it properly...don't hurt me  :)) Hehees:))

here i am KL ♥

the road is pack with cars~it took a long time for me and my parents to reach my condo~...when i reach my condo...i feel so bored because i've nothing to do but only playing with little Pixie :))
she grow super uber fast :s.....she is so naughty but cute her so much..heeehes...

arghh..i can't think of anything to write><...sorry♥

Friday, January 28, 2011


 tomorrow i'm going KL~...gonna celebrate my CNY there:)...hehees..can't wait to see my
beloved sister and little pixie :)....anyway,i go there also need buy gifts for those who order  Leo Valentines day gifts ...sheesh~...
not gonna write much so bye :))♥
gonna update my blog when i reach KL♥

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

At Last! :))

i've been doing so hard for my Leo Valentines Day Dedication with my siblings help 
and at last it success :))My headmaster and my teacher have accepted my letter :)...At first i was very stressful because i was afraid that my teacher wouldn't accept my letter and asking me to elaborate or make it again same as my packaging....i just don't know a sudden i can just cry....this few days thinking and crying [like a baby -.-]arghh what a shameful act is it....wishing to go KL as fast as possible to see my beloved sister and lil. Pixie...I MISS THEM SO MUCH♥!  not only that i also can release my stress :))

Saturday, January 22, 2011

arghhhh...i feel like i wanna SHOUT! :s

          i feel so stressful D:...there is too much pressure on me .....i can't stand it...
When i was studying in class,i can't stop thinking about what am i going to do for my Leo Valentines Day
Dedication....arghh...Although it seems like its easy...but actually it isn't....i can't even cope with my studies at 
all because i need to think what i have to do?what should i buy?is my advertisement ok?how can i decorate 
the presents?does the ribbon match the transparent wrapping paper?what kind of thing i should buy?how much can we earn?what can i add in again?where can i find the presents?can my activity success?will the people who want to buy the presents will like the presents?how many people i can choose to help me?who am i going to choose?if i choose them,will they cooperate with me? are they willing to stay or help?will they be free on that day? and many more...i asked myself can i do it?can i??......
i ain't perfect at all how can i make this activity success?i'm a hopeless girl can i do this activity?
dear readers,when you wanna do something think what will happen next before you do it 

Friday, January 21, 2011

When i feel i'm a hopeless girl....

I really  feel that i'm hopeless....But,
i'm glad to have my parents and siblings :))...They  have been supporting me for all this while
Helping me to solve problems that i can't.....I love my family so much! :).....Not only my family ,
there is also a few of my friends who did helped and support me too :) i really appreciate their help :) Thanks! :)
 i ♥ love my family and friends so much!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Have Confidence In Yourself,Peoples!♥



 If you want to achieve something,never ever give up no matter how hard is it :) 

Dear readers,no matter how hard it is to solve something or even to achieve something
,never give up but,JUST DO IT!

NO PAIN,NO GAIN! :))... understand!


i had an appointment with the dentist just now :s

oh my gosh~ when i to went  the dental i thought the dentist was going to brace my teeth :s
but luckily, it didn't work because my teeth are having some weird problems :D 
the dentist actually put something in my mouth but i don't know how is it actually called -.-

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


tired in class♥

aww~...i feel like sleeping just now while my teacher is teaching in front :x ...but,i think twice that i shouldn't sleep because teacher only teach once not twice ((= if wanna sleep go home still can sleep ....dear readers,when you wanna do something think twice before doing it :))


Sunday, January 16, 2011

sick....why cant you go away from me? :((

as i remember,13 january 2011 i started to have flu D=...and it still haven't cured fully yet...and this time i started to cough i wish that sick doesn't exist in this world...arghhh...

♥ ):

Saturday, January 15, 2011

just back from a dinner :)

i went to my cousin's birthday party dinner :) she's only a year old :)) the dinner was so grand! :) i really enjoyed having my dinner there....i saw one of my schoolmate who is a waitress there. :) i was quite surprised to see her :) and she smiled at me sweetly...heheh...this was my first time experiencing a malay occasion birthday party :) sweet! ♥

duty at esplanade~[unlucky day]

we have a duty today,organised by my school...its quite boring at my station....nobody fainted or having any injuries....we all were standing at the shed because the sits are wet :(...after that,i went to collect seashells but Jackie drop it and it crack! D: phone drop also!D:.not only that,my new umbrella spoil..arghh..what a unlucky day for me :((

Friday, January 14, 2011

its awful to be sick D:

lots of people getting sick..including me too~...arghh..i'm sick of being sick!
i wish i'll get well faster :)) pray for me peoples <3 thanks! :D