Monday, February 7, 2011

i accidentally hug a malay teacher [woman] :s ♥

What a day -.-....        
    i walk out from the ''Kooperasi'' door with my friends without looking , i almost fall down and accidentally i hugged someone :x...My heart almost popped out :s      
i thought it was a guy but luckily it isn't was a Malay teacher...her eyes open so wide like this >>O.O....<<
and i was like this '' :s''    oppps...i keep saying sorry to her and she was still looking at me with her eyes wide open...she seemed so shocked ...some of the students saw it too-.-....and i quickly ran away with my friends and laughed loudly :D..heeehees! :D 

Thursday, February 3, 2011

My CNY isn't fun!...♥

i damn envy those who are having their CNY with their family and relatives in Miri lur~.....
i'm DAMN bored in KL now!
i have no relatives and friends at all!...
Although i'm celebrating my CNY here but its as though im not celebrating it...
waste of money!...go here also seldom go shopping....
i spent my CNY sleeping, eating and watching movies~...
SO BORING!...not many texted me too~..arghh
it feels like im growing fungus at cool is it -.-..tsk tsk tsk! D:

Anyway,Happy Chinese New Year,Readers! ♥ 

bye peeps! ♥ 

She's Desperate To Go Back Miri Now! ♥

Looking at my friends FB status saying that they are playing firecrackers and  having reunion dinner with 
their families and relatives makes me feel ''suber uber'' envy....i wanna go back Miri now!!!i'm desperate for it now!i wanna 
have my CNY celebration and also my birthday at Miri!....damn sad...not happy at all....i'm so grumpy now~~arghhh....i'm bored....damn bored...I MISS MIRI DAMN MUCH!...i want go house visiting~
i wanna visit my friends and relatives ><...i wanna get ''ang pau'' :D.....i wish i can fly back to Miri~..i hope that next year i'll be having my CNY at Miri~ 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

hmmph... ♥

        For this few days,i have been waiting and waiting for this day to come.....but i was wrong......i shouldn't be happy and excited...i feel hurt.....but,never mind....maybe i should just ignore it....i don't give a care anymore...
hehees :)...I .wanna enjoy my life to the Max :D ♥  

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Today ♥

I spend most of my days in KL eating and shopping :D woots :D....hehees...eventually,im broke now...damn sad lur...
can't even buy clothes now~...when i pass by shops,my eyes can't stop looking at the clothes ><...aww...its too attractive :p....sales everywhere and i'm so broke now.... how could this kinda condition happen to me!arghh..
branded stuffs are on sales too~Aiyaa,everywhere got sales also :D..hahah!
sale also no use im broke dy D:~
Just now in the afternoon, my sister boyfriend drove us to IKEA with my sister,parents and me.Enjoying my lunch there ♥ hehees :D....then we went for parents go dating so i don't want follow them i follow 
my sister and her boyfriend...i'm like a light bulb to them but whatever :D....while walking,i went into an outlet,i started to look for clothes...trying all the clothes without realizing that i'm broke....sheesh!.......when i'm done trying the clothes then,i have just realize how broke am i now...taking out my cellphone calling my mummy and wishing that she will buy the clothes for me....but she said this to me ''Hey,girl ah,tell Sharon[my sister] to give me the parking ticket dy...we need to go home lw...''i 've wanted to tell her but never time then~....when we wanna go home,we kinda forget where we parked our car :s....then we start to searched for our car from Level 1-2....i was damn exhausted and the car park was too hot and wide plus there are so many cars~ Finally my sister boyfriend found the car :D...''at last''i said and i went in the car and sleep like a pig :D The End :D hahah!  ♥